Stay at The Boathouse in the Snow


The snow really has fallen and left a beautiful covering. We have shared a review of a guests’ stay at The Duke of Portland Boathouse during the snowfall this week. The guests stayed earlier this week. Enjoying the beautiful scenery with the snow covering over the waters and fells nearby.

We think they have really captured how cosy the living room area is in the Ullswater Boathouse. You would never know that it was snowing outside.


Guests’ Review

The Duke of Portland brings you to expletives.

When you open the door and look down the room it is WOW! expletive.


The ambiance Julia has created with the the unique and exquisite furnishings takes you to a place that is stratospheric.

A perfect blend of old prestige and new technology.

The second expletive comes when you close the door that final time.

It is the AW!

Expletive, because you realise you are not closing the door to a boathouse but closing it on a world that is peace, relaxation and pure comfort.


If it is not on your bucket list then it should be!

It is achievable, unbelievable and absolutely incredible.

Thank you and thank you Julia and David for what you have achieved here.


These pictures were taken late last evening and early morning today in a snow shower.





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